Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

We can ALL be proud of.

Three simple steps to a beautiful outdoor space:
Step #1

Make the Jump

Step #2

Connect the Dots

Step #3

Regret is not an option


Your better world, starts right here.

In your community, life can be better than it is today.

IT IS TRUE! Beautiful outdoor spaces create vibrant centers of interaction and foster relationship building. Those spaces play a key role in establishing a community member’s sense of “home”… but successful outdoor spaces don’t happen by accident.

They require initiative, vision and hard work.

Unfortunately, endless possibilities, assumed liability, and stringent safety regulations mean our craft can be very complicated.

And you’ve got one chance to get this right… a failed, public project that results in regret is simply not an option. This opportunity won’t come around again, so we have to be laser focused on the end goal. The results have to be safe, exciting, and ready for long-term use and enjoyment.

You have a vision, but may not know how to bring it to life. Great Southern Recreation will listen to your dream and come alongside you to connect all the dots and assist in making them into reality.

From an initial, thoughtful design to planning future maintenance cycles, we’re a long-term partner you can trust to ensure success for years to come.

To get started, schedule a meeting. There’s no commitment. There’s no charge. There is no sales person that will hound you for life.

There is a committed expert who’s available to meet you on your site in person to listen. He’ll capture your vision and provide guidance as you bring it to reality.

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In your community,
life can be better
than it is today!


Run, Play, Grow

At Great Southern Recreation We build hundreds of beautiful community spaces in our Great Southern states each year. Our commitment to you is to be the best connected, most experienced recreation firm in the country so you’ll have all the resources you need to bring your dreams to life.

So, here’s the plan.

1. Make The Jump: Get together – in person, with a real human, who’s an expert in our field.

2. Connect The Dots: It’s FREE. (We’ll ofer plans and then revisions until your space is exactly what you’ve envisioned.)

3. No Regrets: We guarantee you’ll love your project from initial consultation through it’s legacy as a space in your community.

Problem projects cause frustration, loss of morale and loss of confidence. Unsuccessful spaces take years to fix and leave you with a problem, instead of a solution. With GSR, we guarantee that you’ll love your project from initial consultation through it’s legacy as a space in your community.

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Your better world, starts right here.

You’re in the right place.

As thousands of little hands … run, play, grow… in the years to come, the space you created will preserve the richness of your community and leave a legacy we’re all proud of.

The work we do together will foster a renewed community and a create a better world. NO FEAR!

We’re waiting on you and can’t wait to get started.

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